Day Three - Hiking on Inish Bofin

After a great sleep, even after a few pints and music in the pub the night before, we woke up to the wonderful smells of breakfast. There was plenty to eat for breakfast to give us energy for our upcoming hike and I needed no second invitation. The sun was shining and we met outside the Doonmore Hotel to begin our walk. Gerry was there with his wonderful smile and ready to take us out on the mountain for the morning.

After dousing myself with sunscreen, we set off on our walk. We hiked along the sides of the cliffs, carefully choosing our steps and listening to Gerry whenever he spoke to us about what we were seeing around us. The water below us looked like a tropical paradise and the view over to the old ruined city on Inish Shark was easy to see, especially if one had the foresight to bring a small set of binoculars (hint hint!).

Gerry also stopped us when we arrived at the old defense walls which were now knocked over and spread out. But we could still see the line of the wall used to keep out invaders and it was amazing to think how hard the land's previous inhabitants worked to defend themselves. I loved seeing the remains of other civilizations which really brought the anthropology and archeology to life.

With beautiful sunny skies, we enjoyed the vastness of scenery as far as we could see. There was water, mountains and sky all of which were very therapeutic for me and others on the tour. The land is untamed and is soaked with the smell of fresh ocean air. There was always a nice breeze on my face, as though Ireland was caressing me as I walked and I appreciated what it had to offer my soul.

This energetic man in the car is a local on Inish Bofin named Michael Joe and I loved the charisma coming from his face. His dogs shared the same personality and the island life seems to be doing them all well.

We came back to the hotel and had a wonderful lunch of sandwiches in the pub then loaded up our luggage and walked down to the ferry where we set off for Inish Turk. Once we docked on Inish Turk, we were greeted with smiles from our hosts of the B&B and were led to our rooms for the night. Supper was delicious, everything tastes unbelievable here, and we rested up for our next day of hiking, this time on Inish Turk.

This is Leo, from Inish Bofin, a local in the pub up the road. If you go on the tour, you must go say hello. Leo has lived on the Island his whole life, which I find amazing. When I showed him the picture I took of him, he told me that I would be a millionaire because of this photo. I already feel quite rich though!!

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